Bulletin, digital billboard and airplane advertising companies have been very successful forms of outdoor advertising for years. Now, with Beach 2 Bay Ads, you can combine the advantages of all three! Call 727-233-0246 and set up a hassle free test run today to experience better results!

Bulletin (large print) billboards: 

These stationary billboards have been on the sides of the road for a hundred years.  They are rapidly being replaced with digital but still have an advantage.  These billboards are 24/7 which means they are showing your message non-stop for the allotted time slot. (usually 1 month). However, when was the last time you read one? Just because it's there doesn't mean it's being viewed.  Beach 2 Bay Ads solves this problem. Our advertising is truly unique, one of a kind advertising that turns the head of EVERY commuter or beach goer.  We're talking REAL impressions, REAL sets of eyes on your message, not just the number of cars that drove past it.

Digital Billboards: 

These billboards are quickly overtaking traditional bulletins. They have the ability to rotate up to 8 different advertisers.  That's great for the company, but it dramatically reduces your impressions to 1/8 what it was before it was digital and usually cost's more then a regular bulletin. So now people might actually be looking at your message but you really only get 3 hours of advertising per day and an hour and a half of that will be at night!  All the while your still paying  for 24 hours and being promised impressions for for the same! Not to worry, Beach 2 Bay Ads is here for you. We can rotate advertisers as well, but you only pay for time that your actually being advertised. We charge by the hour and only advertise during peak travel times so your guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck! That means at least 14,000 REAL impressions per hour.  On average, you will only get about 3,000 impressions for 3 hours of advertising with a digital billboard, but you will get 42,000 with Beach 2 Bay Ads! Come on guys, the advantage is huge.

Airplane advertising:  

  1. We can "double" and "triple advertise" by towing an aerial billboard, letter banner, and brand awareness parachute all at the same time making your message bigger, bolder and better remembered.

  2. Because we use boats to tow our banners, our client’s message is much closer to the beach and easier to read. You can even see who sees your message with a HD Go Pro video upon request!

  3. Everyone on the beach or bridge is amazed to see a 31ft boat cutting through the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico or Tampa Bay towing up to a 170ft message.

  4. Our messages are towed at more than half the speed of airplanes giving the viewer’s twice as much time to read and remember the message.

  5. We can tow messages along the Howard Frankland Bridge! Something never accomplished by any other advertiser anywhere!

  6. Last but not least, we've added all of these extras and can still offer a better service at a better rate than the competition, putting Beach 2 Bay Ads at the top of the list when it comes to successful advertising campaigns from the Gulf Beaches to Tampa Bay.

  7. Contact Beach 2 Bay Ads today for an advanced advertising campaign that is sure to be remembered.