Beach 2 Bay Ads is currently the first and only company to pull massive advertisements along a congested motorway that we know of but we will surely not be the last.  In Tampa Bay, there are 3 heavily traveled bridges connecting Hillsborough County to Pinellas and Pasco Counties. The largest and most traveled bridge is the Howard Frankland Bridge (I-275).  We can also fly ads along the Courtney Campbell Causeway and Gandy Bridge upon request.  

According to the FDOT and TAB’s OOH ratings, we can deduce that our ads average 14,537 impressions per hour from 7am to 6pm.  Now these are not your average impressions. These are not the amount of people that drive past your ad. These are not the 71% of us that “often” look at an ad. These are not the 38% of us that look at an ad “most” of the time we pass one according to the 2009 Arbitron National In-Car Study. These are in your face, head-turning, stuck in traffic, can’t take my eyes off the ad impressions that nobody could drive past without noticing it, even if they wanted to!  It’s time to upgrade your OOH advertising NOW with Beach 2 Bay ads! Call 727-233-0246 for a no hassle test run. Seriously, what do you have to lose?... Oh ya, lots of customers!