In 2016 over 10,000,000 people flocked to local beaches. In 2017 that number is expected to increase and we offer the best way to deliver your message. From Clearwater Beach to Pass-a-Grille, Beach 2 Bay Ads plans strategic passes to cover the most populated beaches where you want to advertise. Imagine; long warm summer days with clear blue skies, thousands of people gazing at the sky. What better way to reach them than with a uniquely memorable aerial billboard advertising campaign? Each year starting in March hundreds of thousands of families from across the globe and locally flock to Tampa Bay and Pinellas County for weeks of fun and parties on the beach. This is an excellent opportunity for advertisers wishing to target all age groups and income levels. Every year schools all over North America rotate out spring break, summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years giving advertisers a weekly influx of new families with money to spend. Beach 2 Bay Ads offers test runs to prove ROI before starting a campaign which means no risk to you. If you're not testing the advertising you have in place, you could be just throwing money away. Test your advertising, test Beach 2 Bay Ads, Call Now! 727-233-0246